smiling seniorWhen patients are approved for prosthodontic work with dental implants, they can look forward to many advantages over other treatment options. A dental implant provides stability for a replacement tooth that mimics the support our natural teeth receive from their roots. When you bite and chew, the implant stimulates the jawbone and keeps it healthy, and its location and position will actually help stabilize neighboring teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone can move straight into plans to receive a dental implant. One concern is that jawbone deterioration after tooth loss has already occurred to the point where the placement process will be difficult. In this situation, our Charlottesville, VA clinic can help you proceed with plans to restore your full smile by providing a bone grafting procedure!

senior man smiling implant dentistry conceptAfter losing teeth, many people worry that they will be left with permanent issues that affect their smile, dental function, and health. The problem is one that has prominent cosmetic and quality of life effects, but you should know that these effects can be managed with the right treatment. Our Charlottesville, VA oral surgery clinic can consult with you about implant dentistry and its benefits. Beyond discussing what treatment and involves and your candidacy, we can discuss the benefits of including implants in prosthetic treatment. We can also review the benefits of including implants in plans to place larger restorations, including dentures.

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When your dentist recommends removing one of your teeth, it is normal to feel a bit surprised. After all, you have a limited number of natural structures that will not grow back on their own. In general, this procedure is necessary when a more conservative treatment is insufficient to protect your oral health. Removing a tooth can stop a severe infection from spreading to other parts of your body. When damage removes too much healthy material to support a filling or cap, extraction can treat the pain of sensitive exposed nerves. Because the loss of a tooth alters your bite and creates a new gap in your grin, know that extracting a tooth can be the first step in providing a desirable smile restoration. At your Crozet, VA, oral surgery clinic, we can remove your problem tooth and work with you to place a brand-new prosthetic. The use of a dental implant can return your smile's appearance and provide valuable benefits for your health as well!

young man with pain from wisdom teethFor most of our teeth, an extraction is something to be avoided. The good news is that timely dental checkups and good daily care can make this easier. If a problem does arise, it is often possible to have it caught and treated before there are complications that demand this kind of approach. With that said, your wisdom teeth receive a different approach. These teeth, also known as your third molars, create problems because there is often too little space for them. To prevent problems, your Charlottesville, VA oral surgery clinic can effectively extract them before they move into place and create new issues for your smile.

happy senior couple implant dentistry conceptHow much can you really ask of prosthodontic treatment when you need to replace an entire row of teeth? Many people who go through the problem of advanced tooth loss can fret over the long-term complications of this problem. When not properly addressed, this is an issue that significantly alters your appearance, bite function, and health. However, with All-On-4 implant-held dentures, you can regain confidence in how you look while you also restore your ability to bite and chew tougher foods! At our Crozet, VA dental office, we are prepared to help patients who have suffered significant tooth loss and wish to see meaningful improvements.

older woman nice smile implant dentistry conceptWhether you have one absent tooth or an entire row of teeth missing, you can find it hard to be without your full smile. The problem is not just a cosmetic one, as you can have difficulty biting and chewing, and you are also vulnerable to worsening oral health issues. The good news is that the right approach to treatment can help you. At our Charlottesville, VA dentist's office, we can confirm you are a good candidate for implant dentistry and provide restorative care. This is an approach that keeps prosthetic appliances stable enough to improve your ability to bite and chew with renewed comfort. It will also help you stimulate the surrounding jawbone tissues that previously had support from teeth roots.

Are you worried about your wisdom teeth? For many, these last molars begin to erupt early in adulthood. And it's not at all uncommon for them to erupt incorrectly or painfully, requiring extraction.  So how do you know that your wisdom teeth will need to be...