Don’t Ignore Your Impacted Tooth!

Don’t Ignore Your Impacted Tooth!

charlottesville tooth impactionWhen a tooth is impacted, this means it only partially erupts. This incomplete tooth eruption could lead to major problems for your immediate and long-term oral health. But our team can offer solutions to correct the partial eruption. With our team at Charlottesville Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Centers, we can treat your impacted tooth and offer improved oral health!

The Causes of a Dental Impaction

How does a tooth become impacted? For some, issues with the premature loss of baby teeth could upset how permanent teeth erupt and cause misalignment in childhood and the teen years. For adults, this could occur when your wisdom teeth arrive, the additional molars that tend to erupt in our late teens and early 20s. There is often no room for them, so they can only partially erupt. When a tooth is impacted, this could increase the risk of misalignment, infection, and damaged teeth. The area becomes more vulnerable to issues like tumors and cysts as well. This could also complicate orthodontic treatment to address uneven smiles. Which is why we want to offer care to address the issue!

Planning Treatment

We will start with a detailed examination. With digital x-rays, we can pinpoint the position of the tooth and plan treatment to correct it and in the process, avoid blood vessels, sinus cavities, and nerve tissues. We will also identify the underlying oral health issues that caused this to occur in the first place. When the time comes for treatment, we will take steps to keep you comfortable, such as administering local anesthesia to the area being treated, or dental sedation to help you enter a state of calm and relaxation, even if you have dental anxiety.

Possible Solutions

For teeth that are important to your oral health and your smile’s appearance, we could gently reposition them and move them into proper position. This involves cooperation between our oral surgeons and an orthodontist, as we will conduct treatment to expose the tooth, and the orthodontist will provide solutions to move the tooth into proper position. For options like wisdom teeth, we could conduct a tooth extraction to remove the tooth completely from your smile. When possible, we want to complete an extraction before the age of 25, as the process is more complex and lengthier after that age.

If you have any questions about how we extract wisdom teeth or bracket impacted ones into place, then contact our team today.

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Our team wants to help you avoid the major complications of a partial tooth eruption. Set aside some time to meet with our team at Charlottesville Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Centers by calling us at (434) 282-2275 at our Charlottesville-Berkshire location today!