Protect Your Smile With Oral Pathology

Protect Your Smile With Oral Pathology

charlottesville oral pathologyWhen you notice sores that don’t heal or other changes to your smile and soft tissues, you shouldn’t ignore these concerns. Instead, you should contact our team to schedule an examination right away. Our Charlottesville, VA, clinic uses oral pathology to assess the risks posed by these areas of concern, and find out if you need treatment for potentially serious concerns like oral cancer.

Common Signs You Should See Us

Did you know that according to the Oral Cancer Foundation, over 53,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year alone? Of that number, half will succumb to the disease in just five years. This is a high mortality rate, the major factor behind it is the fact that the disease is rarely caught in the early stages. This is why oral pathology is so important for our people. Our oral surgeons can carefully examine your smile to discover the warning signs of cancerous or precancerous areas in your smile, so you can receive the care necessary to improve your chances of a full recovery.

Examining Your Smile  

Using advanced technology, our team will examine your smile at a microscopic level for the presence of oral bacteria and other signs that areas of your smile contain a malignancy. We look for patterns in your soft tissues, and the presence of possible infection concerns too. We even examine your smile for the presence of serious infections, so treatment can be administered to prevent major complications. We recommend an oral pathology screening one at least once a year! But you should let us know if you encounter any possible symptoms, such as sores in the mouth that don’t heal after two weeks, changes to your voice, prolonged hoarseness or sore throat, or red and white splotches in your mouth. These could all be potential symptoms of oral cancer!

What Happens Next?

Our team will conduct a screening of the lips, soft palate, cheeks, gums, and tongue. If we find areas of concern, we may recommend a course of antibiotics or surgical treatment if needed. We could also conduct a biopsy, removing tissues from these areas, or from your face or neck area, to be seen by a specialist. We can refer you to specialists for treatment as well. Oral pathology allows us to create a treatment plan if the concern can be addressed in our office, or to refer you to specialists so you can undergo care to treat oral cancer and other severe concerns.

If you have any questions about oral pathology, or if you need to schedule a screening with our team, then contact our office today to learn more.

Talk To Our Charlottesville, VA, Clinic About Oral Pathology

When you notice changes in the soft tissues of your smile, then call our Charlottesville, VA clinic at (434) 282-2275.