Treatment For Your Facial Trauma

Treatment For Your Facial Trauma

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When you sustain a serious injury to your face or jaw, including injuries that fracture the jawbone or cause missing teeth, you need treatment. With the right intervention, we can repair your smile and ensure good facial esthetics in the process. Our Charlottesville, VA clinic can help you receive the care you need to address your facial trauma, so you can enjoy optimal smile beauty again and avoid major complications in your day-to-day life.

Common Examples of Facial Trauma

Facial trauma could include broken or fractured jaws and facial bones, as well lacerations to the soft tissues, including your gums, tongue, and cheeks. Your teeth could be knocked loose or out completely, and these could impact the entire structure of your face and your ability to speak or eat. You need treatment to ensure optimal quality of life and good oral health. In addition to addressing the overall function and health of your face and smile, we take steps to ensure good esthetics too, so you feel confident following the treatment and your healing period.

Planning Your Treatment

First, we need to take a close look at your smile to assess the extent of your injuries and to plan treatment with precision and accuracy. To do so, our team will employ digital x-rays and CBCT imaging, which can provide a panoramic view of your jaw and facial structures. Our team also takes your medical and dental history into consideration, and will use information gathered from your doctor too. When possible, we will consolidate care to limit the number of office visits you require.

Repairing Your Facial Injuries

Treating your facial trauma could require a single procedure or several, it all depends on the complexity of your injuries. Our team will administer local anesthesia and sedation to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure, and we will replace missing teeth with dental implants and reposition and repair your facial lacerations and fractured/broken bone structures. When treatment ends, our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions to facilitate a complication-free healing period. We also prescribe medications to aid in the healthy process, and will let you know about potential signs of complications to alert us about.

If you have sustained serious injuries to your face and jaw, then talk to our team today about possible treatment options. We want to help you smile with confidence and enjoy optimal oral health again, with results that inspire confidence.

Talk To Our Charlottesville, VA, Clinic About Correcting Facial Trauma

If you would like to learn more about how our team can repair and rebuild your smile following traumatic injuries, call our Charlottesville, VA clinic at (434) 282-2275. We’re ready to transform the function and beauty of your smile, whether you have had teeth knocked out or even sustain serious facial lacerations or jawbone fractures.