How Today’s Oral Surgeons Treat Facial Trauma

How Today’s Oral Surgeons Treat Facial Trauma

Oral surgeons are often the first line of defense for patients who experience any facial trauma. When a traumatic event occurs, whether it’s a car accident, sports injury, or work-related injury, you might be suffering from a variety of different pains and symptoms. Facial trauma could leave you with the following:

  • Pain in your jaws or cheeks
  • Broken or affected teeth
  • Split or damaged gum tissue

So how do today’s oral surgeons treat facial trauma symptoms? You might be surprised to learn just what all surgeons can do to relieve your pain and fully restore your smile.

Tooth LossPhoto by Karolina Grabowska:

Did you lose or displace a tooth due to any recent accident? Tooth loss is a common result of facial trauma. But today’s oral surgeons can help you explore treatments for replacing missing teeth, including with veneers or bridges. And oral surgeons possess the expertise needed to perform complex procedures that facial traumas often present.

Soft Tissue Injury

Depending on the nature of your injury, you might also be feeling soreness and pain in other parts of your face. Soft tissue damage could present as swelling, bruising, or pain around the cheeks or eyes. In more severe cases, increased soft tissue damage could cause swelling that impacts your breathing. A visit to the oral surgeon can help you determine the extent of your soft tissue damage and treatments to help reduce swelling and pain.

Bone Damage

Maxillofacial bone injuries are one of the most common facial trauma symptoms. These injuries happen mostly due to vehicular or manual work accidents. Bone injuries like these are most prominent around gums, nose, and eye sockets. They are intensely painful and throbbing and need immediate surgical care. Your oral surgeon can evaluate your bone damage and use various procedures to graft and restore the bone to impacted areas. 

Connect with Us When You Experience Facial Trauma

Accidents can happen anywhere, to anyone, at any age. What matters is that in the event you have facial trauma, you know what to do first. At Charlottesville Oral Surgery, our team of surgeons specializes in facial trauma treatment, which includes all areas of your face, including facial glands, nerves, and salivary glands. If you experience any kind of traumatic event with facial concerns, including those listed above, call the Charlottesville-Berkshire Office today at (434) 282-2275 or fill out our form for timely assistance.