What To Expect At Your Oral Surgery Consultation

What To Expect At Your Oral Surgery Consultation

Many treatments associated with cosmetic dentistry may involve oral surgery. If you may benefit from such a procedure, you will have an initial consultation with an oral surgeon to explore your treatment options.

At this first appointment, the oral surgeon will review your medical history and the specifics of your need for surgery. This will involve a visual examination, and may entail more in-depth imaging, such as x-rays.

A cone beam computed tomography (CT) scan may also be used in your case. This valuable diagnostic tool provides three-dimensional images that offer a realistic view of the patient’s anatomy. Cone beam CT scans are the most advanced imaging technology available to dental professionals today.

In preparation for your first appointment, you will need to bring certain information and documents with you. You’ll want to have your referral handy, along with your list of medications and proof of dental or medical insurance, if applicable.

It’s also important to note that patients who are minors (under age 18) must be accompanied to the consultation by a parent or legal guardian.

All of the requested information, in addition to the data gathered at the consultation, is necessary in planning your course of treatment. For example, your oral surgeon will want to be aware of your medications to prevent any potentially negative interactions between medicines.

Your oral surgeon will also give you a list of instructions on preparing for the day of the surgery. You may be asked to fast after midnight on the day of your surgery, for example. The surgeon can also give you any necessary post-surgery prescriptions at the consultation.

For many patients, the oral surgery consultation will not involve any invasive measures. In some cases, the oral surgery can be performed on the day of the consultation, but more complex scenarios require more extensive planning.

Knowing what to expect at your oral surgery consultation will be an important first step in a smooth, successful path through surgery, to recovery and beyond.

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