Maxillofacial Trauma: Bone Fractures

Maxillofacial Trauma: Bone Fractures

In the world of oral surgery, the need for cosmetic dentistry is a topic that arises more often than you might think. Though it would seem that cosmetic procedures are reserved for patients who are fighting to turn back the hands of time or achieve certain physical attributes, the cosmetic approach also comes into play when a patient has suffered a serious facial injury.

Accidents and injuries to the face that result in fractured bones will require the reconstructive expertise of an oral surgeon, and that also includes a certain sensitivity regarding the esthetic outcome of the procedure. The goal of treating fractured bones in any part of the body is to stabilize the area and restore a suitable level of function. The actual treatment method is strongly influenced by the severity of the fracture, as well as the patient’s age and health. However, when the injury involves the facial bones, the treatment strategy becomes more complex.

How is it possible to stabilize bones in a part of the body that cannot be placed in a cast? And how is it possible to ensure that the final result looks as natural as it did prior to the injury?

Wiring the upper and lower jaws together is a common and predictable solution for creating stability in the facial bones. Certain fractures may also be further stabilized with titanium screws and/or plates at the location of the injury. For some fractures, the use of plates and screws can eliminate the need for wiring the jaws together. Known as rigid fixation, this treatment method has been shown to improve the healing and recovery process for a large percentage of patients. It’s a technique that also provides your surgeon with greater control over the visual aspects of your recovery.

Your oral surgeon understands that you want to get back to your life as quickly as possible. You want to regain your full range of motion, and you want to minimize the scars and incisions that would affect your appearance.

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