How Dental Implants can Restore Your Mouth’s Maximum Function

How Dental Implants can Restore Your Mouth’s Maximum Function

cosmetic dentistry CharlottesvilleHas your smile been negatively affected by tooth loss? Have you been looking into cosmetic dentistry treatments to see if there is a procedure that can restore your appearance? If you have lost teeth, we recommend looking into dental implants. These durable replacement teeth can improve both your appearance and your oral function. Our oral surgeon offers dental implants as both a cosmetic dentistry service as well as a method to improve the overall health and quality of life of people in our community.

Restored Oral Function

Life without teeth is very difficult. When a tooth is missing, the rest of our teeth have to take on all the pressure and force associated with eating. If multiple teeth are missing, the rest of a person’s biological teeth will wear down faster. It is also common for biological teeth next to empty spaces to slide or collapse into empty tooth sockets because they no longer have the support that keeps them upright. Since a dental implant restores both the roots and crowns of teeth, patients can enjoy replacement teeth that protects the health of existing natural teeth while increasing oral function.

A dental implant is made of titanium. It is embedded into the jawbone so that it can ultimately replace a tooth’s missing root. Once an implant is embedded and stabilized by bone, it will be used to anchor a restoration like a dental crown. This restoration will fill in the gap caused by tooth loss and provide a biting surface for tearing and chewing food. Since a dental implant is anchored by bone and the materials used to construct its restoration are durable, patients can enjoy a full, balanced diet without any restrictions.

Renewed Appearance

On top of restoring oral function, dental implants can greatly improve the appearance of a smile. This is because restorations attached to dental implants can look very lifelike when the right materials are chosen. For instance, dental crowns or bridges made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal are virtually indistinguishable from biological teeth.

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