Dental Myth: White Teeth are Healthy Teeth

Dental Myth: White Teeth are Healthy Teeth

cosmetic dentistry CharlottesvilleMany of us desire white teeth because our modern society values a vibrant, bright smile as a measure of attractiveness, friendliness, and vitality. While we might associate a white smile with health and vigor, white teeth can be diseased and damaged. For instance, a person could have received cosmetic dentistry treatments like professional teeth whitening and develop a crack or decay in the future. While the tooth will likely still look white and beautiful, the tooth’s health is still compromised. In cases where a tooth is permanently damaged, a person will need to receive a restoration like a filling or crown to prevent further degradation of an injured/diseased tooth.

Following are more common dental myths dispelled.

Dental Myth: Toothaches Always Accompany Cavities

Quite a few people mistakenly believe that toothaches always accompany tooth decay. While a toothache is often a sign of a badly decayed and/or infected tooth, tooth pain does not always manifest as a symptom of dental caries. In fact, relying on the presence or absence of a toothache to evaluate your oral health could be dangerous. Some people will forego routine checkups and cleanings because they believe that if their oral health were compromised, he or she would notice symptoms like toothaches.

A cavity can form and progress without symptoms. This is why receiving routine checkups is important for protecting your oral health. Dental technology can help detect cavities in their earliest stages.

Dental Myth: Gum Disease is Caused Only by Poor Oral Hygiene

Gum disease is a major threat to people’s oral health. This condition, when left untreated, can advance into a destructive oral health condition that involves a chronic infection and destruction of oral tissue like the gingiva, teeth, and bones. While it’s true that poor oral hygiene is a major driving force behind the development of gum disease, it isn’t the only culprit.

In addition to inadequate oral hygiene, medications and conditions that cause dry mouth can contribute to gingival inflammation. Moreover, natural hormonal fluctuations that accompany pregnancy or puberty can increase the gums’ sensitivity to debris and pathogens.

Protecting your oral health starts with keeping regular appointments for checkups and cleanings along with committing to a proper and thorough oral hygiene routine. Call us today at Charlottesville Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to schedule an appointment.