Causes and Prevention of Facial Injuries

Causes and Prevention of Facial Injuries

The extent of the trauma and damage from a facial injury is often difficult to understand. The cause of such an injury could be anything from a car accident to a domestic violence incident. Or, the injury could be the result of a sports accident, an accidental fall, or an unfortunate incident in the workplace.

In addition to the cause of the trauma, the injury could include the soft tissue such as the face and lips, the hard tissue such as the jaw bone or nose, or a combination of both. The damage could extend to the eyes, underlying nerve pathways, or even the salivary glands.

The appropriate treatment of such injuries can often include cosmetic dentistry. Besides an experienced oral surgeon, few medical specialists have the experience to properly classify and treat these injuries while preserving the delicate structures of your face, eyes, nose, and mouth.

With credentials at local hospitals, emergency room training, and an in-depth knowledge of cosmetic and restorative procedures, an oral surgeon can not only treat facial injuries, but also deliver an esthetically pleasing result.

Of course, taking steps towards preventing facial injuries in the first place can keep you from making an unwanted trip to the oral surgeon’s office. Using protective equipment like facemasks and mouthguards during athletic activities is the recommended way to avoid accidental trauma. Wearing your seatbelt in the car and observing proper safety precautions on motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles can prevent both facial and bodily injuries. Lastly, avoiding chewing or biting objects other than food can help to prevent cuts and lacerations within the mouth.

In the unfortunate event that you suffer a traumatic facial injury, consult your oral surgeon right away for the highest level of care and the best in anesthesiology. You’ll give yourself the best chance at a more complete recovery, a better cosmetic result, and reduce the risk of irreversible damage to your blood supply and facial nerves.

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