Is it time to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Is it time to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually appear during the late teen years or early twenties. Most people have four wisdom teeth, although it is not uncommon to have more or fewer. There are a variety of factors that may influence your dentist to recommend extracting the wisdom teeth.

A partially erupted, or impacted wisdom tooth can pose a risk to your dental health and is typically recommended for extraction. When the gum tissue partially covers a tooth, a pocket is created between the gums and the teeth where bacteria can accumulate. Since this area cannot be adequately cleaned, this can potentially lead to infection, inflammation, or decay. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause crowding in the rest of the mouth, resulting in malocclusion, or crowded teeth.

Even wisdom teeth that grow in straight are sometimes recommended for extraction. This recommendation is typically due to the difficulty of cleaning the area. Flossing can be nearly impossible, and it can be difficult to ensure thorough plaque control. The probability for developing cavities is greatly increased, and restoring these teeth can be challenging for the dentist and for the patient.

Generally, the best time to have the wisdom teeth extracted is during the late teens or early twenties. Also, the proactive decision to remove the wisdom teeth before they begin to cause pain, damage, or discomfort can greatly improve the outcome of the surgery. Your surgery can be performed under controlled circumstances, rather than an emergency extraction, and the procedure is generally more predictable with a shorter recovery time.

As soon as possible, following your dentist’s recommendation for extraction, a consultation by an experienced oral surgeon should be scheduled. The surgeon will evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and discuss the necessary procedures. Your medical history will be reviewed to confirm that you are healthy enough to undergo surgery.

The most successful surgery is a well-planned surgery. Schedule your consultation to discuss your wisdom teeth in Charlottesville today. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet our oral surgeon. You will be encouraged to ask questions, and you’ll feel confident as you work together to plan your next visit.