Is It Time To Extract Your Wisdom Teeth?

Is It Time To Extract Your Wisdom Teeth?

young man with pain from wisdom teethFor most of our teeth, an extraction is something to be avoided. The good news is that timely dental checkups and good daily care can make this easier. If a problem does arise, it is often possible to have it caught and treated before there are complications that demand this kind of approach. With that said, your wisdom teeth receive a different approach. These teeth, also known as your third molars, create problems because there is often too little space for them. To prevent problems, your Charlottesville, VA oral surgery clinic can effectively extract them before they move into place and create new issues for your smile.

Why Should I Be Worried About My Wisdom Teeth?

Our wisdom teeth are the last to arrive, and they can create serious issues once they do begin to erupt. The common issue with our third molars is that our mouths simply do not have room for them. This issue leads to crowding and shifting as they press against their neighbors. The force of their eruption can also do damage to neighboring molars. Their arrival can also lead to complications because they can become impacted, which means they shift or only partly erupt, creating new difficulties in their removal as well as discomfort.

Counting On Your Oral Surgeon To Safely Remove Your Third Molars

Oral surgery can ensure that your wisdom teeth are removed before they create issues for their neighbors. The soft tissues and bone between your surgeon and your wisdom teeth can be conservatively manipulated to make accessing these molars possible while minimizing harm to tissues. This approach allows for the early removal of wisdom teeth without putting neighboring teeth at risk. After closing the affected areas, we can provide the necessary care to encourage prompt healing and offer guidance on timely and comfortable recovery.

Your Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Your recover after your extraction will be important for encouraging timely healing as well as to preventing infection and other issues from occurring. We will work closely with you before the treatment itself to help you know what to expect once your procedure is over. Our experience and focus in the field of oral surgery ensures you have the right care and the right guidance to heal without complications or frustrating delays.

Talk To Your Charlottesville, VA Oral Surgery Clinic To Schedule Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Through oral surgery to extract your erupting wisdom teeth, we can take care of your oral health and preserve your smile while resolving the threat posed by your third molars. If you would like to find out more about how we approach this service, or if there are any other matters that require oral surgery you wish to discuss, call our Crozet, VA location at (434) 823-2729. We proudly serve patients at locations in