Why Dental Implants are the Ideal Tooth Replacement Solution

Why Dental Implants are the Ideal Tooth Replacement Solution

tooth replacement CharlottesvillePatients have numerous options for tooth replacement, but not all of those treatments are created equal.

Older methods, such as dental bridges and conventional dentures, focused on replacing the visible portion of the tooth, the crown. However, the root structure that is hidden beneath the gum line plays an essential role in the smile’s stability.

Dental implants offer a more complete structure to replace a missing tooth. The implant is a small titanium cylinder that is surgically inserted into the jaw. Because the implant is made of titanium, the bone in the jaw is able to bond with its surface. That physical link renders the implant as an artificial tooth root.

These devices are appropriate for tooth replacement in a variety of scenarios, ranging from patients who have lost a single tooth to those with a mouthful of missing teeth.

Patients who choose dental implants often work with an oral surgeon, who will plan and perform the implant placement procedure. The bone quality at the implant site is tremendously important. If the patient does not have adequate bone, the oral surgeon may perform a preliminary bone graft prior to placing the dental implants.

Because they are physically connected to the jaw, dental implants offer a number of advantages in comparison with other tooth replacement treatments. For example, dental implants help to preserve the integrity of the jaw bone, which wears away after some time when a dental bridge or denture is used as a treatment for missing teeth.

At the same time, prosthetics supported by dental implants are more efficient at chewing, meaning that dental implant patients can enjoy a more varied diet. Dental implants also have minimal impact on surrounding teeth because they stand alone.

If you need to replace a missing tooth and prefer a structurally complete option, contact the office of Dr. Carlos Ibañez at 434-295-0911. These lifelike devices can last for decades when you take good care of them.