Options for Replacing a Single Tooth in Charlottesville

Options for Replacing a Single Tooth in Charlottesville

tooth replacement CharlottesvillePatients who need a tooth replacement for a single missing tooth do have choices, including dental implants and dental bridges. If you find yourself in need of this treatment, carefully investigate all of your options to select the intervention that best meets your needs.

To learn more about dental implants, which are titanium cylinders that support prosthetic crowns, you can consult with our oral surgeons, who are the dental specialists that provide this treatment. In addition to educating you on the technology, our oral surgeons can review your case and suggest whether a dental implant would be a good fit for your specific needs.

This brief overview of important dental implant characteristics will give you some introductory information prior to your consultation, at which you will have the opportunity to ask more detailed and specific questions.

Durability – After dental implant placement, the jawbone in the vicinity will form a strong bond with the implant. Under the appropriate conditions, the implant becomes a fixture in the jaw. With proper care, including both a robust home oral hygiene regimen and regular professional dental care, dental implants can last for years. They also prevent jawbone atrophy, anchoring the bone in the same way that the biological tooth’s root did.

Functionality – The connection between bone and implant helps to make the dental implant more effective at chewing, approximating the function of your natural tooth.

Comfort – Because they are so similar structurally to biological teeth, dental implants feel a lot like your natural teeth.

Convenience – Dental implants stand alone, so they don’t restrict access to your gum line. You can brush and floss around your dental implant using the same technique that you do with your natural teeth.

Aesthetics – The prosthetics supported by dental implants are made of materials that share optical qualities with natural tooth enamel and appear lifelike as a result.

Unfortunately, dental bridges—the most commonly used alternative to dental implants—fall short in many of these aspects. The underlying jaw will wear away with a dental bridge, limiting this appliance’s durability and functionality. Adjacent teeth may be affected as the jawbone atrophy progresses, as well.

When exploring your options for a single tooth replacement, talk to one of our specialists to learn more about dental implants. This long-lasting intervention appeals to many patients, and it might be the right choice for you, too.

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