How Dental Implants Have Changed Replacement Teeth

How Dental Implants Have Changed Replacement Teeth

Dental implants have completely changed the way that we view tooth replacement, and it’s been an integral part of an exciting evolution in dentistry. As we learn more and more about the characteristics that make real teeth so effective, we are able to apply those characteristics to artificial teeth as well.

Recognizing that real teeth extend deep into the gums and bone was the first major development in the birth of implant dentistry. A replacement tooth that only exists above the gums, such as a denture or partial, cannot be stabilized as well as an artificial tooth that includes a substantial root component.

The success of the dental implant has also changed the relationship between your natural teeth and your artificial teeth. Whereas a dental bridge must be made to permanently connect to at least two other teeth, an implant is designed to be free-standing in the same manner as a single natural tooth. In fact, real teeth don’t hook or connect to each other at all, and dental implants have been designed to mimic this independence flawlessly.

Dental implants have changed the life expectancy of replacement teeth. When carefully placed under controlled circumstances, these artificial teeth should last for the rest of your life. In contrast, other less durable false teeth options are expected to last 5-10 years before requiring repairs or replacements. Other tooth replacements, especially removable choices, are also more susceptible to wear and tear which can shorten their lifespan significantly.

Implant dentistry has even changed the way that we feel about tooth replacement. Implants are designed to look so realistic and feel so comfortable that they can enhance our confidence and self-image. With an implant securely fixed in place, you can take pride in your smile with the knowledge that no one is focused on your false teeth. Whether you are laughing with a friend, enjoying a meal with your family, or speaking in front of an audience, implants allow you to focus on the business of life rather than worry about your smile.

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