Dental Implants: A Natural Looking Tooth Replacement Solution

Dental Implants: A Natural Looking Tooth Replacement Solution

tooth replacement CharlottesvilleAesthetics are of the utmost importance to many patients in need of a tooth replacement after suffering from tooth loss. Accordingly, dental implants appeal to those individuals who prioritize maintaining a smile with a natural appearance.

Implants have a number of qualities that help them to mimic the appearance of biological teeth. To begin with, the implant is more structurally similar to a biological tooth than alternatives like dental bridges or partial dentures. The bone fuses with the implant’s surface, which allows the dental implant to function like a biological tooth root does.

Therefore, this tooth replacement method can stand alone without support from adjoining teeth. In comparison, a dental bridge requires that crowns be placed to support the prosthetic crown. When those crowns are not carefully designed to match the patient’s specs, the entire bridge can be noticeably artificial. With their metal clasps, partial dentures may be even more visibly fake.

When getting dental implants, you can also work closely with our oral surgeons to be sure that the prosthetic crown, bridge or denture is made of materials that will blend in with your natural smile. The advanced materials used in fabricating prosthetics today have optical qualities that approximate those of biological tooth enamel. As a result, prosthetics are often nearly indistinguishable from their natural neighbors!

When dental implants are chosen for tooth replacement, the devices also feel and function more like biological teeth. Again, their structural characteristics help to achieve such outcomes. When a dental implant is used to replace a single missing tooth, its foundation is quite similar to a natural tooth, so you may not even notice any difference. Furthermore, the physical connection between the jaw and the dental implant helps it to participate more fully in the smile’s chewing mechanism.

To learn more about how dental implants can help to preserve a beautiful, natural-looking smile after tooth loss, schedule an initial consultation with our oral surgeon, who also can help you determine whether this treatment would be a good choice for you.