Why Early Detection of Dental Decay is So Important

Why Early Detection of Dental Decay is So Important

Charlottesville dentalTooth decay is a very common oral health affliction; in fact, estimates show that up to 99% of the population will be affected by cavities. While tooth decay is a common dental condition, it can be very destructive, especially if it is not treated professionally with a restoration. In some cases, severe cavities may eventually lead to tooth loss. When teeth cannot be saved with dental restorations and endodontic treatments, our oral surgeon provides tooth extractions and the placement of dental implants.

Why Tooth Decay Requires Professional Treatment

When tooth enamel is damaged by acid erosion or a facial injury, teeth are susceptible to bacteria that cause cavities. Teeth cannot heal themselves once tooth enamel is damaged. This means that without treatment, the cavity will only deepen and it will eventually reach the nerves deep inside the tooth’s root canal. The problem with tooth decay is that it doesn’t produce noticeable symptoms in its early stages. Toothaches typically only occur when the cavity has reached the root canal and infected the nerves of a tooth. At this point, an infected root canal may mean that a tooth cannot be saved with root canal therapy and/or restorations such as a dental crown.

What Can Be Done When a Tooth Cannot Be Saved

If a tooth cannot be saved with restorations and endodontic therapy, a tooth extraction is necessary to prevent an abscess from forming. An abscess is a very painful infection that can affect the entire mouth. Our oral surgeon provides gentle tooth extraction to help our patients improve their oral health and quality of life. We provide dental implants as well, a very long-lasting tooth replacement method. An implant is a titanium post that is embedded into the jawbone to replace a lost tooth’s roots and support a prosthetic such as a crown. This tooth replacement method completely restores oral function so that patients can eat and speak easily.

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