Tooth Extraction vs. Root Canal

Tooth Extraction vs. Root Canal

tooth extraction CharlottesvilleHave you ever wondered why some teeth can be saved with root canal therapy while others require surgical removal? While these treatment protocols are very different; their objectives are the same.

Whether tooth extraction or root canal treatment is necessary, the ultimate goal is to preserve oral health and improve oral function. A tooth extraction is normally the last course of action if a tooth cannot be saved with endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) or if tooth structure cannot be restored with a prosthetic such as a crown. Following is some helpful information on why these procedures are necessary and useful.

Tooth Extractions

A dentist or an oral surgeon (a specialist) performs the surgical removal of a tooth and its roots. This procedure is necessary when teeth are impacted or badly infected. The most common teeth to be extracted are wisdom teeth. This is because the eruption of these teeth diminishes oral function and affects quality of life. Extractions are also common for children whose baby teeth are being replaced by adult teeth. If baby teeth are not falling out fast enough and emerging adult teeth have no room to erupt the gums, our oral surgeons may surgically remove baby teeth.

When performing extractions, our team takes great care to make sure that our guests are comfortable. We will administer anesthetics to reduce discomfort and sedatives, if necessary, to improve relaxation.

Root Canal Therapy

While tooth extractions are useful for preventing orthodontic issues and infections, root canal therapy is provided for different reasons. When a tooth’s internal structures are infected, root canal treatment can remove the infection and preserve the tooth from death. The root canal is a hollowed area inside of the tooth where dental pulp and nerve endings are. A broken or decayed tooth can cause the root canal to be exposed to oral bacteria, which can inflame and infect the nerve and pulp. If caught early on, root canal therapy can remove the infected material inside the canal and fill the inside of the tooth with a sealant.

Our team provides consultations on tooth extractions. Call us today at Charlottesville Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to reserve an appointment.