Don’t wait too long to extract a damaged tooth

Don’t wait too long to extract a damaged tooth

In dentistry, whenever humanly possible, the best choice for your health is to preserve the natural teeth. If a damaged tooth can be restored, whether by filling, root canal, or crown, saving your natural tooth is the best choice. In some cases, however, the damage can be so extensive that the tooth simply cannot be saved. In these circumstances, the best alternative is to have the tooth extracted, or taken out.

Teeth that are completely decayed can sometimes lose so much structure, there may not be enough left to support a filling or a crown. A tooth that is broken or fractured below the gum line or down to the bone level may also be considered non-restorable. When the roots of the teeth become fractured due to trauma, healing may be nearly impossible, and tooth extraction may be the best choice.

When a tooth has been deemed “non-restorable”, you should take steps as soon as possible to have the damaged tooth extracted. A tooth that is causing pain will often prompt you to consult your oral surgeon to discuss an extraction. Difficulty in chewing and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures can present a major inconvenience in your daily life. Broken down, or severely fractured teeth can also contribute to shifting and drifting of the adjacent teeth.

Unfortunately, many patients do not recognize the urgency to extract a tooth that is not “bothering” them. Typically, the best time to extract a tooth is as soon as the need is diagnosed, but before the tooth begins causing uncontrollable discomfort. Many routine extractions can become more difficult when the damaged tooth or surrounding gum tissue has become severely infected. When the immune system is unable to fight off the infection, and antibiotics have become ineffective, there is an increased risk for the infection to spread to other parts of the body.

Where indicated, aim to have your damaged tooth extracted as soon as possible. Seeking treatment quickly will reduce the tooth’s impact on your health and broaden your options for replacing the missing tooth. To make plans for your tooth extraction in Charlottesville, don’t wait too long; call us today.