When is IV sedation recommended?

Charlottesville sedation dentistryIV sedation can be recommended in dental and medical settings. This type of sedation alleviates feelings of nervousness and discomfort while also helping patients in treatment remain still so that a dentist or oral surgeon can perform treatments without obstruction. IV sedation might also be recommended for patients with special needs to help maintain their comfort. Sedation dentistry is advantageous for treating facial trauma, performing surgeries like tooth extractions and corrective jaw surgery, and placing dental implants. When a dental professional recommends IV sedation it is because he or she believes it is beneficial.

What is IV sedation, exactly?

IV sedation involves administering sedating and sometimes pain-relieving medication intravenously. This type of sedation dentistry is helpful to a dentist or surgeon because nothing is standing in the way of the oral cavity. When delivered through an IV, medication works almost instantaneously. The dosage can also be adjusted to achieve the desired result.

How will I feel during IV sedation?

IV sedation will make a person feel very relaxed and comfortable. Patients will drift off into a peaceful sleep while their treatments are performed. During treatment, people are not aware of operatory sounds or smells and they will not feel discomfort or anxiety. After treatment, a person will slowly return to a state of alertness as the medication begins to wear off. Since IV sedation profoundly affects cognitive and motor function, patients must arrange for transportation to and from our practice on the day of treatment. It is best to have a close friend or family member drive you to your appointment.

Is IV sedation safe?

When administering sedation of any kind, dental professionals adhere to very strict protocols set forth by the FDA. Only approved medications are administered. Moreover, a person’s dose is carefully determined by taking a number of factors into consideration including height, weight, health history, and the nature of treatment to be received.

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