Sedation Dentistry: Will I be monitored closely?

Sedation Dentistry: Will I be monitored closely?

sedation dentistry CharlottesvilleSedation dentistry appeals to many who are facing oral surgery because it offers maximum comfort for anxious patients.

Patients who are particularly fearful of oral surgery procedures will also benefit from sedation dentistry, which will allow them to achieve a state of deep relaxation throughout the appointment. Sedation also has an amnestic effect, reducing the risk of negative memories that reinforce dental fears.

Patients may have varying degrees of sedation, as well. The patient may remain conscious and able to respond to the oral surgeon’s commands, or a deeper sedation may be more appropriate for the individual patient and procedure.

Despite all of the benefits it offers, the prospect of sedation can be unsettling to those patients who are concerned about the medication’s possible negative effects.

While patients are under sedation, the oral surgeon and the rest of the surgical team will closely monitor the patient’s vital signs (such as respiration, blood pressure and heart rate) to detect any potential problems so that the surgical team can take any necessary actions to correct those problems.

Prior to the procedure, the oral surgeon also will thoroughly review the patient’s medical history to be sure that sedation is an appropriate tool for the case. Patients are informed of potential risks prior to the scheduled surgery, giving them the opportunity to make an educated decision about sedation.

Patients who choose sedation should be prepared to have a responsible adult escort them home after the procedure, as the sedatives typically do not wear off in enough time for the patient to drive safely.

Sedation dentistry can be an excellent tool for anxious oral surgery patients or those who just want to be more comfortable during the procedure. Our skilled and dedicated team will take steps to protect your safety while you are under the sedation. To learn more, schedule your informative consultation at our Charlottesville office by calling 434-295-0911 today.