Discomfort During Dental Procedures is a Thing of the Past

Discomfort During Dental Procedures is a Thing of the Past

Some aspects of dentistry have barely changed throughout the years. Wisdom teeth still need to be removed. Dental implants must still be anchored into the jawbone. Sometimes teeth have to be pulled in order to make room for your braces. And for the great majority of these procedures, the teeth and gums will still need to be numbed with local anesthetics.

Fortunately, thanks to the availability of sedation dentistry, most of these procedures can be performed while you rest or sleep comfortably in the dental chair. Discomfort and stress during dental procedures is no longer necessary. In fact, pain and anxiety in the dental office are almost completely avoidable in light of the numerous sedative and pain management techniques which are currently available.

Your oral surgeon will need to assess your particular needs, taking into account the surgical procedure that is to be performed, your individual level of comfort, and your health history. With that information, the appropriate form of sedation can be recommended for you. It is important to realize that sedation dentistry is more than simple pain management. It is also a very powerful tool for patients who are especially anxious, nervous, or stressed prior to the planned procedure.

Sedatives will allow you to settle down enough to tolerate your treatment without fear. Sedation also helps to promote relaxation during lengthy or complicated procedures. There is no need to suffer emotional or physical stress when there are modern techniques that are designed to safely address your concerns. As dental technology continues to advance, it’s not just the type of dentistry that has improved; it’s also the way that we perform dentistry that has evolved.

The sights, sounds, smells, and mysteries of old-fashioned dentistry have given way to procedures that are more comfortable and more pleasant than ever in history. To find out how much things have changed, contact the office of Dr. Carlos Ibanez.  Call 434-295-0911 to schedule an appointment today.