Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

Charlottesville sedation dentistryDo you have an upcoming appointment for wisdom teeth removal or to receive dental implants? If you struggle with dental phobias or are nervous about your procedure, you might want to discuss sedation dentistry with our oral surgeon. Sedation dentistry can ease your mind and increase your comfort during oral healthcare procedures. This comfort amenity may not be right for everyone so it’s important to consult with professionals.

Who benefits from sedation dentistry?

You might be surprised to learn how sedation dentistry helps people with a variety of needs. This treatment option can make treatment experiences more pleasant and comfortable – specifically those receiving more invasive care for dental implants placement or wisdom teeth removal.

Sedation dentistry can improve the experiences of patients who struggle with anxiety and phobias in medical and dental situations. The medications used relieve feelings of panic, intense worry, and fear. It’s also helpful for folks who have difficulty remaining still for long periods of time. Those who have excessive energy or hyperactivity can benefit from sedation dentistry, too.

How will sedation make me feel?

Sedation dentistry diminishes stressful feelings like worry and panic. It also helps control racing thoughts. Those receiving sedation will feel a wave of relaxation. It can cause grogginess so many people who receive sedation tend to fall asleep during their treatment but are not medically unconscious.

An additional benefit to sedation dentistry is that it can increase the effectiveness of local anesthetics and pain-relieving medication.

Since sedation slows down the nervous system and impairs motor function, patients must have a friend or family member transport them to and from appointments.

Are there different kinds of sedation?

Yes, there are different kinds of sedation dentistry. There is a drug-free option, which involves administering nitrous oxide gas. There is also oral and IV sedation, both of which utilize anti-anxiety medications. Your oral surgeon can help you select the right type of sedation for your needs.

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