You no longer have to suffer from dental anxiety

You no longer have to suffer from dental anxiety

Living with dental anxiety, or dental phobia, can be extremely damaging to your health and your self-confidence. The crippling feeling of fear that prevents many patients from obtaining the dental care that they need can sometimes lead to feelings of embarrassment. By avoiding dental treatment, that anxiety can also increase your risk for cavities, periodontal disease, diabetic complications, and even cardiovascular disease.

Through the use of sedation dentistry, you can overcome your fear and dental anxiety in a safe and controlled environment. With commonly prescribed medications, administered in a variety of methods, your sedation dentist can manage your level of comfort and reduce your anxiety. By establishing a calm, relaxed state of mind through the use of sedatives, even complex or extensive dental procedures can be completed in a single visit.

A sedation dentist is specifically trained and certified to accommodate patients suffering from all levels of dental phobia, ranging from mild anxiety to intense fear. After graduating from an accredited school, sedation dentists complete numerous hours of continuing education in sedation, pharmacology, and anesthesia each year.

To further eliminate fear and anxiety, your sedation dentist and staff will discuss all aspects and questions about your procedure in a gentle and understanding manner. The team will also review and analyze your medical history including any medications or allergies. For your informed consent, the dental team will outline all details about the procedure, equipment, advantages, and risks prior to beginning treatment. All appropriate patient instructions prior to and following your procedure will be provided and reviewed.

State of the art equipment will be utilized to perform high quality dental treatment while reducing your anxieties. During your procedure, your dentist and staff will constantly monitor you with patient monitoring equipment while you are under sedation. Your level of sedation can be safely managed throughout the entire procedure.

The benefits of sedation dentistry are exciting! You can finally overcome the fear that stands between you and the dental care that you deserve. You’ll feel like even the most complex treatments lasted only minutes. Most importantly, you can feel confident that Carlos Rafael Ibañez, a sedation dentist in Charlottesville, will be able to ease any anxieties you might have.