Sedation Dentistry: How will I feel after my appointment?

Sedation Dentistry: How will I feel after my appointment?

sedation dentist CharlottesvilleIf you have an upcoming appointment for wisdom teeth removal or dental implant placement, you will likely receive some form of sedation dentistry to improve your treatment experience. Our sedation dentist strives to make treatment relaxing and comfortable for all our patients.

The effects of sedation can vary depending on the type you receive. Some sedation methods wear off quite quickly while others can have lingering effects for a few hours. The type of sedation administered will be based on your unique needs and the treatment you are receiving.

Following are answers to commonly asked questions about sedation dentistry.

Will I feel groggy and sleepy after my treatment?

If you are given oral or IV sedation, you will likely feel groggy and very relaxed for a couple of hours after your procedure. These types of sedation involve administering prescription medication, typically from the benzodiazepine class of drugs. The effects of these types of medications can last for four to six hours.

There is a drug-free type of sedation dentistry called nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”. Its effects wear off much faster. Nitrous oxide is a very safe treatment option but may not be strong enough for certain procedures.

Is IV sedation safe?

Yes, IV sedation dentistry is safe. By utilizing an intravenous feed, our team can ensure that you receive the amount of medication you need to feel comfortable.

Our sedation dentist follows strict FDA protocols to ensure the safest treatment possible.

Will I remember anything from my procedure?

Sedation dentistry does not put patients in an unconscious state. IV and oral sedation, however, does make it possible to sleep through treatment. If you receive these types of sedation dentistry, you may have limited recollection of your procedure. If you receive nitrous oxide, you will likely remember more of your treatment than you would if you received stronger sedation.

If you have questions about an upcoming procedure such as wisdom teeth removal or dental implant placement, call Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center to speak with a helpful member of our team.