Sedation Dentistry: Can I drive after my procedure?

sedation dentist CharlottesvilleSedation dentistry is a common service for patients undergoing procedures that require surgery and precise care. Since this service involves the administration of prescription sedatives, patients are strongly encouraged not to drive home after their treatments. Our practice recommends that patients arrange for transportation to and from our practice with a family member or close friend. This is because sedation will affect one’s motor and cognitive function. Prior to your procedure, our sedation dentist will provide all the necessary information one will need to understand how sedation will improve your treatment and how it will affect you during and after your procedure.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the administration of prescription medication that can aid in a patient’s comfort – specifically their relaxation level. This type of medication is useful for those who have trouble relaxing in clinical settings or those receiving long or complex procedures that require stillness. In addition to promoting a positive experience for patients, this medication can aid our sedation dentist when performing procedures that require precision and fine attention to detail.

What types of procedures involve sedation?

Sometimes, the use of sedation may depend on a patient’s specific needs. For instance, if a patient has dental fears or phobias, an oral sedative may be prescribed to help ease feelings of panic or worry. Common procedures where sedation is used to promote a comfort and improve quality of care include the placement of dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, bone grafts, and orthognathic (jaw) surgery.

How will I feel during and after treatment?

A person’s experience with sedation can vary depending on the type and dosage of medication used. Some patients will feel mildly relaxed while others may fall asleep during treatment. If higher dosages are used or if drugs are administered intravenously, some folks may have limited recollection of their procedure. After treatment, it is normal to feel groggy and sleepy.

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