How does sedation dentistry work?

How does sedation dentistry work?

sedation dentist CharlottesvilleSedation dentistry encompasses different methods for producing a calm and relaxing state for dental and medical procedures. Since there are different types and methods for sedation, it is a good idea for patients to have a general understanding of what their upcoming treatment might involve.

There are a number of procedures where our sedation dentist might utilize nitrous oxide, prescription tablets, or intravenous medication to achieve the desired effect. For example, some patients receiving dental implants stay comfortable with local anesthetics and sedatives in tablet form. Patients receiving reconstructive or corrective surgeries to the jaw, for instance, will likely require intravenous medication to maintain comfort.

Why is sedation used?

Sedation is used to increase a person’s physical and emotional comfort. Mild forms of sedation are used for procedures that are not overly invasive but could produce discomfort when dealing with sensitive tissue and nerve endings. Sometimes, a sedation dentist might prescribe tablets to be taken about an hour before one’s appointment to assuage anxiety and nervousness. Since many people suffer from dental anxiety and phobia, oral tablets are beneficial for helping patients achieve and maintain a relaxed, comfortable state.

Invasive procedures that involve surgically altering the position of the jaws, the joints (TMJs) connecting the lower jaw to the skull, require intravenous sedation. IV sedation can be used to produce a medically unconscious state if necessary, but it can also be used for “twilight” sedation, which means that a patient will rest peacefully but is conscious enough to respond to questions or instructions.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Our practice administers sedatives and analgesics in adherence with FDA guidelines and industry treatment protocols. Medication types and dosages are carefully determined so that those receiving treatment are comfortable and safe. Moreover, our team closely monitors the vitals of those receiving strong medications during treatment. IV sedation is beneficial for producing desired effects without overmedicating. This is because the dosage is adjustable throughout treatment.

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