Is Sedation Dentistry a Good Choice for Children?

Is Sedation Dentistry a Good Choice for Children?

From the time that your baby is born and well into adulthood, you will be tasked with making some tough decisions in the name of health and safety. As a parent, you certainly want to provide your child with access to great healthcare and that also includes the appropriate dental care. However, it is natural to hesitate when it comes to oral surgery and other procedures that have the potential to be lengthy or uncomfortable.

Fortunately, you can partner with your sedation dentist to get your child the right care without creating unpleasant memories or traumatic experiences.

When extensive or invasive dental procedures are recommended for children (or apprehensive adults) various forms of sedation can serve as a very useful part of the treatment process. The sedatives that are offered in the dental office or in the oral surgery suite are safe and well-tolerated, and there are multiple options to address the various needs of each patient.

The type of sedation, the method in which it is administered, and the recommended dosage will be determined based upon the patient’s health status, the parent’s wishes, and the oral surgeon’s professional judgment. The options can include oral medications, inhaled gases, and intravenous (IV) medications. Along with the chosen form of sedation which works to soothe and relax the patient, local anesthetics are also administered to numb the tissue and prevent discomfort in the treatment area. Each phase of the sedation process will be performed in a manner that is “kid-friendly” and comfortable.

Sedation dentistry is not only safe for children, but it is generally considered to be a very good choice. Most children are able to completely relax in the dental chair, they are less likely to become anxious or “antsy” during the procedure, and they are less likely to walk away with an unfavorable impression of the dental procedures that will be necessary throughout their lives.

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