Treating Facial Bone Fractures

Treating Facial Bone Fractures

The damage left behind after a traumatic incident to the face can present a number of complications that are best treated by an experienced specialist. The delicate bones of the face, mouth, and nose provide the framework for your unique appearance. A primary goal for Dr. Carlos Ibañez, your Charlottesville VA oral surgeon, is to correct the damage caused by the trauma while preserving your appearance and your confidence.

The challenge of stabilizing underlying bones of the face, mouth, and nose can be significant. Since these bones cannot be fitted with a cast or brace like the bones of the arms, legs, or hands, other stabilizing measures must be considered.

With a minimal impact on your facial appearance, the procedures used to accomplish your treatment should be predictable and conservative. In other words, the successful treatment of facial bone fractures should consist of a minimal number of incisions with few, if any, visible scars.

Of course, there are multiple methods for stabilizing the facial bones, according to the particular details of the injury. Your oral surgeon will determine the appropriate treatment for you after a thorough evaluation.

For certain fractures of the upper or lower jaw bone, wiring may be used as a stabilization method. With the use of anesthesia when necessary, firm wires are used to maintain the proper position of the jaws. With the use of wires, healing can be effectively accomplished safely and efficiently.

The surgical placement of small plates and screws at the location of the fracture can be another option for stabilizing a facial fracture. Known as “rigid fixation”, this method has become a more commonly used treatment technique for a number of reasons. Without the need for wiring the jaws, rigid fixation is a discrete treatment method which can actually improve your recovery period.

Your oral surgeon will consider multiple factors in determining the most appropriate treatment for your injury. Ultimately, the successful treatment of the fracture will allow you to regain the normal function of the area as quickly as possible.

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