Protruding Lower Jaw: What are my options?

Protruding Lower Jaw: What are my options?

oral surgeon CharlottesvilleA protruding lower jaw can cause many problems for patients. When orthodontic care is not enough, mouth surgery is often necessary to correct a patient’s appearance and oral function. Misaligned jaws are often caused by developmental and congenital abnormalities. When one jaw protrudes out further than the other does, patients are likely to experience discomfort and pain when eating and speaking. They are also more likely to experience untimely tooth wear that can lead to damaged and injured teeth. To help prevent the host of oral health problems associated with misaligned jaws, our oral surgeon offers corrective jaw (orthognathic) surgery to improve appearance, oral function, and quality of life.

How Misaligned Jaws Affect Oral Health

When the jaws are improperly aligned, teeth tend to scrape and grind against one another during mouth movement. Over time, this will wear down tooth enamel and other parts of teeth, making them more susceptible to decay, fracture, and breakage. Misaligned jaws will strain the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) as well. The TMJ connects the lower mandible to the skull. If the jaws are misaligned, the TMJ will work to correct this problem by repositioning the mouth. As the TMJ, surrounding tendons, and facial muscles strain to hold the mouth in its proper position, patients may develop TMJ dysfunction. A painful condition that can cause headaches and tooth pain along with difficulty opening and closing the mouth, TMJ dysfunction will affect a patient’s everyday life.

Corrective Mouth Surgery for Misaligned Jawbones

To correct misaligned jawbones, patients should first visit an oral surgeon. A specialist, this type of surgeon focuses on the oral and maxillofacial region and provides reconstructive and corrective treatment for a number of ailments, including those that affect the jaws. If our team feels that orthognathic surgery is necessary, we will use the latest technology and diagnostic imaging to develop a custom treatment plan. We take all necessary measures to ensure patient comfort during and after treatment, too.

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