3 Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon Before a Procedure

3 Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon Before a Procedure

If you have been scheduled for oral surgery, there are some critical questions to ask your oral surgeon. It can be about post-operative health concerns, risks, and even the recovery period. So we are here to help you compile a questionnaire!

To ease up the preoperative stress, here are three important questions to ask an oral surgeon so you can keep your dental worries at bay. Let us begin!

Before an oral procedure, your dental surgeon will hand you an instruction pamphlet for post-operative care. These help keep dental problems at bay and heal you quickly. After reading through it, here are some questions you can ask:

1. How Do I Go Back Home?Image by Bruno Pereira from Pixabay

The surgeon will opt between general anesthesia or a sedative to numb your gums before a surgical, dental procedure. Depending on their choice, you need to make arrangements for your transportation. 

For example, if they opt for general anesthesia, you must book and prepare your ride back home. The effects will last for a while, which makes it hard to communicate. So it’s best to prepare accordingly. 

Hence, before the procedure, ask them about the anesthesia and for tips to return home safely. 

2. What Eating Restrictions Will I Have, Pre and Post-Surgery?

Nutrition plays a vital role in post-op healing after your surgical procedure. Moreover, it also helps to prepare your body for the procedure. So ask your dentist what foods to avoid during this phase. 

Usually, and depending on the type of sedation being used, dentists ask patients to avoid ingesting any foods and drinks for a few hours pre-surgery. After your surgery, try sticking to soft foods that are healthy and help you heal quickly. Avoid spicy and acidic food and drinks. 

3. What Risks Might I Face?

Here are some potential complications related to tooth procedures. You’ll definitely want to ask your oral surgeon about how to reduce the risks of:

Understanding the risks beforehand will help you follow a dentist’s instructions to avoid further dental problems. 

Be Prepared For Your Oral Surgery with the Best!

Always ask your oral surgeon these questions regarding your dental procedure to prepare. It is a great way to ensure that the results help you to have a healthy mouth for years to come. Contact Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center today to learn more about these dental procedures!