Your Comfort Is A Priority In Our Office

Your Comfort Is A Priority In Our Office

oral sedation CharlottesvilleOur oral and maxillofacial surgery practice places a high priority on our patients’ comfort during treatment. From placing dental implants and extracting wisdom teeth to performing jaw surgery or grafting treatments, our doctor utilizes effective and properly-dosed sedatives and anesthetics to promote a relaxing experience during treatment.

Oral sedation is one method that helps increase a patient’s comfort during procedures like wisdom teeth extractions and placing dental implants. This type of sedation involves the administration of prescription pills or tablets. Since sedating medication impairs motor function, any patient receiving this type of sedation should arrange for transportation to and from his or her appointments. Following is some help information on oral sedation and how it can benefit our guests.

Oral Sedation Facts

Orally-administered sedatives have been used in dental and medical settings for thousands of years. This is because sedation can greatly increase a person’s comfort during treatment. Fortunately, modern science and safety protocols mean that receiving sedation of any type is safer than ever before. When we prescribe oral sedation, the medication is normally from the benzodiazepine class of medications. Common brand names of medicine in this class include Valium and Ativan. This type of medication slows the central nervous system by working with GABA receptors in the brain. Simply put, benzodiazepines are specifically formulated to calm one’s mind and body.

Who Benefits from Oral Sedation

There are a couple reasons why a person might benefit from sedation. The first reason is to alleviate discomfort associated with a procedure like jaw surgery or placing dental implants. The second is to ease a patient’s mind if they have phobias regarding medical or dental settings. When determining if a patient should receive sedation, our oral surgeon will carefully review one’s medical records and mediation history. The dosage administered is carefully determined as well—normally by taking a patient’s height and weight into account.

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