What can I expect with oral sedation?

What can I expect with oral sedation?

oral sedation CharlottesvilleDo you have an upcoming appointment to have dental implants placed or wisdom teeth extracted? If so, our oral surgeon might prescribe medication to enhance your comfort during treatment. Called “oral sedation” this medication will help alleviate anxiety and discomfort. It will also make it easier to remain still during your procedure.

How will oral sedation make me feel?

The tablets used in oral sedation come from an anxiolytic class of medications that work with GABA receptors to slow down the central nervous system. They produce a calming, mildly sedating effect. Those who have phobias and anxiety related to dental or medical settings respond very well to this type of medication.

Most patients will feel a noticeable sense of calm and peacefulness. Many will feel groggy, too, and some may even sleep through their appointments.

How long does oral sedation last?

These tablets are to be taken about one hour before your appointment so that by the time you arrive the effects have kicked in. Patients can expect oral sedation’s effects to last about four to six hours. Since oral sedation will impair cognitive and motor function, people will need to arrange for transportation to and from their procedures.

Who should receive oral sedation?

A number of people could benefit from oral sedation. It is especially helpful for controlling anxiety, which benefits people who have phobias with medical and dental environments. Oral sedation can also help keep fidgety patients still during long treatments that require precision and limited movement.

Determining if oral sedation is right for you involves having a conversation with our oral surgeon. Some people with certain conditions or those on certain prescription regimens may not respond well to this type of medication. Our team will need to review your health history to determine the specific medication to prescribe and its dose.

If you have questions about oral sedation or common treatments like wisdom teeth extractions or dental implant placement, call Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center to schedule a consultation.