What can I expect from oral sedation?

What can I expect from oral sedation?

oral sedation CharlottesvilleOral sedation is a method of promoting a comfortable and relaxing treatment during dental and oral health procedures. By administering mild sedatives in tablet form, our oral surgeon can help fearful patients or those requiring lengthy or complex treatment to enjoy positive experiences during their procedures. When it comes to discussing sedation, many folks ask similar questions such as “How will I feel during treatment?” or “Will I remember my procedure?” To help our guests understand the benefits and effects of sedative medication, we have compiled some answers to common questions.

How will oral sedation make me feel?

The medication prescribed for sedation can have varying effects based on the chemical family from which the medication comes and its mechanism of action. Some sedatives are designed to act quickly to relieve feelings of panic or nervousness while others can address immediate nervousness but also metabolize slower in the body for a longer effect. On top of the chemical makeup of a medication, people do respond differently. For these reasons, your prescribed medication will be carefully determined by our oral surgeon based on your medical history and unique situation.

Most people who are not used to taking sedatives will feel groggy, very relaxed, and at times, they might even fall asleep. Those who are anxious in dental or clinical settings will feel a comforting sense of calmness.

What are the benefits of sedation?

There are a few benefits of orally administered sedatives. First, it can improve a person’s comfort during treatment. Sedatives can help anxious patients feel at ease. Moreover, the use of sedatives might be ideal when a patient should remain as still as possible so that our team can work without obstruction.

Will I remember my procedure?

Depending on the medication prescribed, its dosage, and your reaction, you might fall asleep during treatment. If you do fall asleep, you will likely not have much recollection of treatment. Sedation administered orally does not induce total unconsciousness as intravenous sedation does.

Can I drive home after my appointment?

No. Since sedatives affect motor and cognitive function, patients must arrange for transport to and from our office.

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