Oral Sedation: Will I be responsive?

oral sedation Charlottesville Does sitting in a dental chair send your anxiety into overdrive? Perhaps you have trouble sitting through long treatments. Whatever your needs may be, our oral surgeon offers oral sedation to help our patients feel at ease and comfortable during treatment. Oral sedation is a great way to diminish nervousness and anxiety without long, lingering effects. This form of sedation allows patients to remain conscious, too, which is a benefit to those who are afraid of strong medication or total sedation. Not only is sedation safe and effective, it will help you develop more positive associations with receiving dental and oral health treatment in the future.

What kinds of medicine are used?

Our practice only uses FDA-approved medication for oral sedation. The most common family of drugs used is from the benzodiazepine family. Medications commonly known as Xanax, Klonopin, or Valium are normally prescribed for oral sedation. This type of medication works to stop the chemical reactions that produce anxiety and fear and produces a calming, sedative effect.

How will I feel during oral sedation?

If you receive oral sedation during treatment, you will feel very relaxed. Fears and phobias of treatment will not be present. Instead, you will be slightly alert and very calm. You will not be completely sedated. Instead, you will be able to respond to commands if necessary. While you may doze off from the effects of the medication, you will wake easily if necessary.

Oral sedation does impair motor and cognitive function. Since it has these effects, patients should arrange for transportation to and from our clinic.

What types of procedures make oral sedation useful?

Oral sedation is useful in many types of oral health procedures including the placement of dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, and oral pathology. If you think that sedation might help you overcome nervousness and anxiety, we invite you to discuss this treatment option with our oral surgeon.

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