Benefits of Oral Sedation

Benefits of Oral Sedation

The use of oral sedation during dental procedures, especially oral surgery, can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the treatment. As an available service for patients, our oral surgeon offers oral sedation in Charlottesville in conjunction with most surgical procedures.

Oral sedation is a widely accepted adjunct to surgical treatment for a number of reasons:

Safe. Your Charlottesville oral surgeon has received extensive training in pharmacology and medical emergency management. This education and experience enables your oral surgeon to determine the appropriate dosage for your needs as well as monitor your vital signs while you are under the influence of the sedative.

Approved. The use of commonly prescribed medications has been used for many decades to achieve a satisfying level of sedation for oral surgery patients. Sedation has been proven safe and effective by both medical and dental research.

Reduces stress. An important factor in the success of your surgical procedure can be your emotional state. Patients who are calm and relaxed prior to and during the procedure can often expect a more favorable treatment outcome. Your level of relaxation can also impact the dental team. Your oral surgeon and staff are better able to address your surgical needs with the knowledge that you are comfortable and at ease.

It is important not to confuse oral sedation with anesthesia or pain management. Various forms of anesthesia are used to eliminate the sensation of pain during your surgical procedure. Oral sedatives may be used in conjunction with other forms of anesthesia to achieve the appropriate level of comfort for you, the patient. Together, these medications can effectively relieve tension and reduce discomfort.

Your oral surgeon will evaluate your individual needs in order to determine the level of sedation that you will require. At lower levels, oral sedatives can simply reduce the feeling of nervousness or apprehension in relation to your treatment. At higher levels, patients may feel sleepy and more inclined to rest during the procedure.

Oral sedation can be an effective part of your oral surgery procedure. Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Carlos Ibañez to learn more.