Will Jaw or Mouth Surgery Correct My Open Bite?

Will Jaw or Mouth Surgery Correct My Open Bite?

mouth surgery CharlottesvilleA malocclusion, or misaligned bite, presents many oral health problems for patients. In some cases, patients can enjoy a healthier bite with restorative dentistry such as dental crowns or orthodontic treatment; however, if the cause of the malocclusion is related to the way the jawbones fit together, some patients may need mouth surgery. Our oral surgeon has significant experience with mouth surgery, including corrective jaw surgery and the placement of dental implants.

What exactly is a malocclusion?

The word “occlusion” or bite refers to the way that the upper and lower sets of teeth and each jaw fits together when the mouth is in a resting or closed position. A malocclusion means that a patient’s bite is not aligned properly. A malocclusion can be caused by excessive wear on teeth, improper tooth alignment, or congenital or developmental abnormalities in the jawbones.

How does a malocclusion affect my oral health?

A misaligned bite contributes to a variety of oral health conditions. When teeth and jaws do not fit together properly, teeth can become worn down because they scrape against each other unnecessarily. Worn down teeth typically possess enamel damage, and over time, may become brittle or susceptible to decay. Another common complication that accompanies a malocclusion is strain on the joints that connect the jawbone to the jaw. In some cases, strain on the temporomandibular joint can produce moderate discomfort and distinctive reduction in oral function. For these reasons, corrective jaw surgery can help improve oral function and eliminate excessive wear on teeth.

What types of misaligned bites does jaw surgery correct?

When restorative dentistry and orthodontic treatment is not enough, corrective jaw surgery can improve oral function in patients with under bites, overbites, and open bites. Our oral surgeon will develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs so that you can enjoy optimal oral health.

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