Don’t Let Missing Teeth Affect Your Ability to Eat

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Affect Your Ability to Eat

missing teeth CharlottesvilleLife with missing teeth is cumbersome. If you have lost teeth, you can attest to the difficulties you face eating meals comfortably. Many people with tooth loss develop malnutrition as a result of dietary limitations caused by losing teeth. Fortunately, dental implants can restore oral function and improve the appearance of your smile.

Dental implants are long-lasting, durable replacements for teeth. An implant is used to replace the missing roots of a tooth and hold a restoration to restore biting surfaces above the gums. These prosthetics can treat single tooth loss or multiple implants can be used to support a large prosthetic such as a full denture. Our oral surgeon has expert education and training to administer implant dentistry services.

Tooth Loss and Your Emotional Wellbeing

Tooth loss has profound effects on our emotional wellbeing. Sometimes, patients liken losing a tooth to losing a limb. Tooth loss often leaves us feeling incomplete, self-conscious, and helpless. Many people who have missing teeth develop depression and social anxiety out of embarrassment of their smiles and fear of social rejection.

Oral Health Effects of Tooth Loss

Beyond the obvious issues presented by tooth loss – aesthetic concerns and diminished oral function – losing teeth can drastically impact your oral health. One major issue tooth loss sufferers need to be aware of is bone atrophy.

When the roots of our teeth are no longer present in the jaw, inactive bone will be resorbed by the body. Losing bone contributes to additional tooth loss as bone deterioration can affect the security of other teeth. Bone deterioration also changes the shape of one’s face, normally causing a person to look older because their faces appear “sunken in”.

Hope with Dental Implants

While those suffering with tooth loss might feel hopeless, dental implants will likely give you something to be excited for. Implants are easy to maintain, long lasting, and very lifelike. With dental implants, a person can enjoy a wide range of foods, including items that are tough or chewy.

If dental implants interest you, we invite you to schedule a tooth replacement consultation with our oral surgery team at Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center.