Congenitally Missing Teeth: What are my options?

Congenitally Missing Teeth: What are my options?

Sometimes, missing teeth are not the result of neglect. Although many cases of tooth loss are linked to cavities, gum disease, or accidents, there are other common and unavoidable causes for missing teeth.

Each year, millions of people discover that they have been born without one or more natural teeth. It’s not an uncommon dilemma, and fortunately there are some very effective solutions such as dental implants to resolve the issue.

To be born without certain permanent teeth, known as congenital tooth loss, is not typically a major challenge during childhood, when all of the corresponding primary teeth are usually present. Instead, congenitally missing teeth can be of particular concern during adulthood, when patients are more likely to be confronted with some very significant dental challenges.

Inappropriate spacing between the teeth, shifting or crowding, and bone loss are problems that are more likely to occur in the absence of one or more missing teeth. There is also the esthetic impact of a congenitally missing tooth, since the gap or space is often visible when you smile. In fact, one of the most common congenitally missing teeth is the lateral incisors, just next to the two front teeth.

To replace these missing teeth, the solution must be one that can serve both your functional as well as your cosmetic needs. The solution should also be as conservative as possible, not impacting the neighboring teeth, which are generally healthy and normal in appearance.

Dental implants are generally the solution of choice, since these replacement teeth can function just like real teeth. Implants also look more natural than any other option, and they do not compromise the strength, health, or appearance of the adjacent teeth. Implants are also the most permanent option. They do not need to be removed for maintenance and they will remain constant in the way that they fit and feel.

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