Dental Implants: Will I be able to chew with the same force I use with my natural teeth?

Dental Implants: Will I be able to chew with the same force I use with my natural teeth?

implant dentist CharlottesvilleAfter tooth loss, you might be wondering if your replacement teeth will stand up to your favorite foods. If you enjoy steak or biting into a crisp apple, you will want to look into whether dental implants are right for you. Our implant dentist offers tooth replacement consultations to help our patients find the best prosthetics for their needs.

Can I enjoy a balanced diet with dental implants?

Dental implants are incredibly sturdy; they will not budge or shift during meals. Unlike conventional tooth replacement methods, dental implants actually replace the root structures of teeth. Since a dental implant is anchored by the jawbone, it gives people more force and control when biting, tearing, and chewing food.

Traditional prosthetics make it nearly impossible to enjoy fibrous and chewy foods. Fortunately, dental implants are so sturdy that enjoying a balanced diet is not only possible, it’s comfortable.

Are dental implants easy to care for?

Dental implants are easier to keep clean than dentures. Unlike full and partial dentures, dental implants are fixed in the mouth. This means they are not removed for brushing and overnight soaking. Instead, implants and their prosthetics are brushed alongside biological teeth. If patients have a dental implant replacing a single tooth, they can even floss around their implants and prosthetics.

Some patients – especially those who have implant-supported dentures and bridges – invest in water irrigators. These devices flush a steady stream of water underneath prosthetics to help clean the gingiva.

Why should I see a specialist?

Visiting a specialist is wise for more complex treatments such as dental implant placement. An oral surgeon, for example, has advanced education and training to work as an implant dentist. These specialists are intimately familiar with oral anatomy and surgical protocols.

A specialist can deliver a high level of specialized treatment beyond that of many general dentists. They can also perform procedures such as bone grafts that can increase the success rate of dental implants.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, call Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center to schedule a tooth replacement consultation with our experienced oral surgeon.