Oral Surgeon Treatments For Facial Trauma

Oral Surgeon Treatments For Facial Trauma

People who experience facial trauma need prompt, professional treatment from an oral surgeon to ensure they heal properly. If left untreated, these types of injuries can pose serious problems to the patient over time. If you experience facial trauma, seek services from an oral surgeon in Charlottesville to ensure you get the best results from treatment and fewer complications related to the injury. 

Types of Facial Trauma

There are a few different types of facial trauma one can experience. These types of injuries can affect the tissue in the jaw or the bones that comprise the face. These injuries can include any of the following.

Missing Teeth 

Teeth can be knocked out as a result of impact or force. Get treatment immediately to restore missing teeth and prevent bone loss.

Skin Lacerations

When you’re involved in a facial trauma incident, you’ll likely have cuts and wounds to your face. An oral surgeon can repair lacerations surgically. 

Soft Tissue Lacerations

This type of facial trauma includes injuries to the tongue, gums and cheeks. 

Broken Bones

The bones in the face can break due to impact or accidents. It’s crucial to seek treatment for broken facial bones. 

Broken Jaw

If you experience a broken jaw, you need to get treatment right away so it can heal properly. Without surgery, the jaw won’t function correctly. 

Each type of facial trauma requires special treatment to address the process of healing and recovery. An oral surgeon can accurately access the damage to the facial area and provide the right treatment, which includes surgery, to reduce complications and ensure the area heals.

How Each Type of Facial Trauma Is Treated

An oral surgeon in Charlottesville will treat the facial trauma to facilitate proper healing and recovery. Some techniques they use include fixing any fractures in the facial area, repairing soft tissue injures and inserting dental implants in areas where teeth are missing.

Each patient receives their own personalized treatment plan to address their facial trauma. A combination of surgery and other procedures works to correct damage to the face and provide better recovery. 

Why You Need an Oral Surgeon

If you suffer facial trauma, you need the services of an oral surgeon rather than a general surgeon. This is because an oral surgeon is highly trained to treat facial trauma specifically. They have the insight and capabilities to provide the best outcome and ensure you heal properly. 
If you experience facial trauma and need the services of a highly skilled oral surgeon in Charlottesville, contact the Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants Center today to get started with facial trauma repair and recovery. 

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