Experiencing symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth?

Experiencing symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth?

impacted teeth CharlottesvilleImpacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems for patients, such as discomfort caused by a painful abscess or even just the impacted tooth’s ongoing attempts to erupt through the gum tissue. Cysts and tumors are more likely to occur in impacted wisdom teeth, as well.

Patients who are experiencing discomfort at the back of the jaw can consult with our oral surgeons to see if an impacted wisdom tooth is at fault. A surgeon can take x-rays for an interior perspective that will show the positioning of the wisdom tooth, as well as surrounding teeth. The surgeon also will look for signs of an active infection at the site, as this may affect the timing of the extraction procedure.

In the vast majority of cases, impacted teeth must be removed surgically in the case surrounding bone needs to be removed before the tooth can be extracted. This is a common procedure, and it is usually performed in an outpatient setting. Most patients will be able to return to their normal routines within a matter of days as long as they don’t have any post-operative complications, and our oral surgeons will educate you on the steps you can take to reduce your risk of problems like dry sockets that can develop after the procedure.

Of course, many patients have their impacted wisdom teeth removed before they even become symptomatic, so this is always an option as well. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict specifically when an impacted wisdom tooth will cause problems for the patient, so some patients opt for wisdom tooth extraction in advance to prevent these outcomes.

If you do choose to pursue a prophylactic (preventive) wisdom tooth extraction, it’s advised that you do so before your mid-twenties. The wisdom teeth can be removed more easily in younger patients.

Don’t suffer with wisdom tooth pain. If you have this symptom – or if you notice signs of infection, like pus, at the rear of the jaw – call Charlottesville Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to schedule a consultation as soon as possible to determine whether the wisdom teeth need to be extracted.