4 Most Common Problems Created by Impacted Teeth

4 Most Common Problems Created by Impacted Teeth

impacted teeth CharlottesvilleThe ways that impacted teeth could affect your oral health might surprise you. Not only are impacted teeth more likely to become infected, they can be quite painful. Our oral surgeon provides extractions for impacted teeth and wisdom teeth.

Following are five common problems associated with impacted teeth.

Bad breath

Impacted teeth contribute to halitosis (bad breath). This is because they are at a higher risk for infections and because food can easily become trapped in the gums around impacted teeth. In addition to bad breath, infected teeth and trapped food can leave unpleasant tastes in people’s mouths.

Facial and Gingival Swelling

Painful infections can form throughout tissues in the oral cavity because of impacted teeth. These infections can lead to significant swelling along the face – especially near jaws and on the gums.

Bleeding gums

When the gingiva becomes irritated and/or infected, the gums may bleed. Those with impacted teeth may experience bleeding gums when performing oral hygiene or eating meals. This side effect of impacted teeth could also increase a person’s risks for developing periodontal disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults.

Jaw pain

Discomfort in the jaw often accompanies impacted wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth push into adjacent teeth at the back of the mouth, it can create soreness. Patients may feel jaw pain throughout the day and during meals. Some people with impacted wisdom teeth may experience stiffness and discomfort when opening their mouths to speak, laugh, or yawn.

Removing impacted teeth can greatly improve your oral function and quality of life. Extractions also eliminate many of the oral health threats associated with teeth that have failed to erupt properly. Our oral surgeons use advanced surgical techniques and state-of-the-art technology to remove problematic teeth with minimal invasiveness. We also administer local anesthetics and offer sedation dentistry to ensure comfort throughout our guests’ procedures.

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