FAQs Regarding Anesthesia for Oral Surgery

FAQs Regarding Anesthesia for Oral Surgery

general anesthesia CharlottesvilleWhen it comes to many oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures, anesthesia is sometimes necessary. We offer many treatments from our practice that help restore oral function, correct abnormalities, and reconstruct damaged hard and soft tissues. Our oral surgeon administers anesthesia (or IV sedation) to promote a patient’s level of comfort and improve the precision of treatment since sedation helps a patient stay still. Following are some answers to commonly asked questions about this treatment option.

When is sedation necessary?

IV sedation is necessary when a procedure requires that a patient remain motionless and calm as this helps our oral surgeon and team provide precise surgical care. Administering sedative and pain-relieving medications will also ensure that our guests have a positive and comfortable experience during treatment. Medication of this nature is especially helpful when treatment is advanced and lengthy. If sedation is necessary during treatments such as the placement of dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, or reconstructive procedures, our team will let you know.

What are the benefits of sedation?

Medications administered intravenously have both an analgesic and sedative effect. This means that our guests will have little or no recollection of their treatment and will not experience any discomfort or anxiety. IV sedation also allows our team to work without obstruction, thus increasing the quality of treatment.

Is anesthetic mediation for oral surgery safe?

Our oral surgeons have in-depth training to administer medication intravenously. We only use FDA-approved drugs. When providing medication, we operate under the strictest clinical protocols to ensure that our patients are safe. During treatment, vitals such as heart rate and blood pressure are monitored continuously. Our team also has advanced life support and resuscitation training.

What should I know before my treatment?

Information packets that educate our patients on what to expect before, during, and after treatment will be provided. If sedation is necessary, we will provide helpful information and answer any questions our patients might have. It is important that our guests know that they will not be able to drive to and from their appointment when sedative and pain relieving medications are used. Patients should arrange for reliable transportation from a trusted friend or family member.

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