What Protection Does a Mouthguard Provide?

What Protection Does a Mouthguard Provide?

The teeth and bones are among the hardest and most durable tissues in our bodies. Yet, they are still vulnerable to trauma and injuries, sometimes requiring the use of protective devices and additional safety practices in order to keep our smiles intact.

When it is necessary to provide strong physical protection and coverage for the teeth and the jaws, it is not uncommon that most dentists will prescribe a custom-molded mouth guard. In the most basic form, a mouthguard is a personalized oral appliance that can be worn as needed for protection during physical activities such as football, wrestling, or basketball. For activities such as these where there is the risk for a blow to the face, a mouthguard can provide a valuable line of defense.

But the protective quality of a mouthguard doesn’t stop there, and there are mouthguard benefits that extend beyond sports. A similarly designed removable oral appliance can be worn at night to prevent you from grinding and gritting your teeth as you sleep. This is the cause of a host of TMJ problems, and a custom mouthguard is an excellent way to prevent damage and alleviate the related discomfort.

Protective mouth guards are indicated in the oral surgery realm as well, and your oral surgeon may provide you with one following reconstructive jaw or facial surgery. Since it can take up to 6 months to completely heal after an oral surgery, a molded mouthguard is helpful for keeping your jaw properly positioned. These appliances should also be worn during the healing process if you plan to resume sports and fitness activities.

If your dentist has recommended a protective mouthguard for you, remember that there are wide-ranging benefits. Following this advice may help you to prevent an accidental injury, chronic TMJ problems, or post-surgical complications.

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