The Benefits of 3D Technology

The Benefits of 3D Technology

Charlottesville dentistsTraditional radiographs (X-rays) are only two-dimensional and when used in medicine and dentistry, they have limitations. Fortunately, some dentists – including our oral surgeon – use three-dimensional technology when diagnosing conditions and planning treatment to enhance patient care. Three-dimensional imaging produces far more detailed images of the head, neck, and oral cavity. This technology has many applications in our practice. Our team may utilize 3D images for the placement of dental implants or when preparing for orthognathic (jaw) surgery and bone graft procedures.

Clear, High Definition Images

Using the Casestream (CS) 9300, our oral surgeon can produce panoramic images with extreme detail. Images taken by the CS 9300 are produced digitally and do not require radiographic film. Instead, these images are captured via a cone-beam scanner and sent to a computer. Advanced software aggregates the images so that they can be displayed in high definition on a computer monitor. Since the images are digital, our team can send them to referring doctors or dentists. We can also zoom in on areas of interest and use these detailed images to explain treatments and diagnoses to our valued patients.

How 3D Images Benefit Patients and Dentists

Three-dimensional images are mutually beneficial to patients and oral healthcare professionals. For patients, 3D images allow for easy patient education, which is empowering for members of our community. Since the files are digitally stored, we can send off images to our patients and referring doctors much more efficiently. Our oral surgeon benefits from this technology, too. With such detailed images, our team can plan treatment very carefully. For example, 3D images give our team a very precise map when it comes to determining the best place to embed a dental implant. The computer software we use also allows our staff opportunities for guided, pre-surgical practice, which can increase the success of treatment and reduce procedure times.

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