Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

dentists CharlottesvillePatients who establish good dental hygiene habits can stave off problems like severe decay or advanced gum disease that can create the need for surgical tooth extractions and tooth replacement procedures like dental implant placement.

The best oral hygiene regimens begin at home. Patients should brush their teeth twice a day, for two minutes each session. Using an electric toothbrush can help patients remove plaque from the teeth more efficiently. Dentists also recommend that their patients floss daily, too, paying close attention to their technique to ensure that this task is as effective as possible.

Patients generally find that homework alone does not do enough to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar that can cause cavities and periodontitis. This is why another healthy dental habit includes visiting your dentist’s office semiannually.

Routine appointments with dentists can also help patients reduce their risk of developing problems that might require a more invasive intervention, too. When a dental hygienist cleans your teeth every six months, it helps to limit the presence of oral bacteria that can continue to proliferate despite the patient’s best efforts to brush and floss thoroughly.

A little bit of common sense also can go a long way in avoiding damage to your smile. Avoid bad habits like chewing on pencils or biting your fingernails. If you play contact sports, always wear a custom-designed mouthguard to reduce your risk of injury.

Other habits not necessarily associated with dental health can give your smile a boost, though, too. Eat  a nutritious diet, drink lots of water (especially if you have problems with dry mouth) and limit sugary snacks.

When you work with your dentist to develop a checklist of healthy dental habits to follow, you’ll preserve a beautiful smile and protect it from oral diseases that can harm the teeth and gums. At your next checkup, touch base with your dentist to ensure that you are taking all of the right steps to maintain a healthy smile.