Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Common Causes of Tooth Loss

By design, the human body should produce exactly 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth, with each tooth tasked with an important duty. The front teeth must cut and bite into foods, the side teeth are responsible for tearing, and the molars must be forceful enough to chew and pulverize food in order to ensure proper digestion.

Due to various reasons, millions of us are born with less than the ideal number of teeth, and others happen to lose one or more teeth throughout our lifetimes. Exploring the common causes of tooth loss and suggesting the proper tooth replacement alternative is a responsibility that dentists take very seriously.

Congenital tooth loss, a condition that is present at birth, is among the most common causes of missing teeth. As a condition that you have been born with, there is little that can be done to prevent certain missing teeth. Although this condition is often first recognized during childhood, it can be corrected during adulthood with dental implants.

Trauma, vehicular accidents, sports injuries, and severe bruxism are also known to contribute to tooth loss. When significant force or stress has damaged a tooth, the prognosis is generally poor or hopeless, resulting in the loss of the tooth.  Tooth extraction may be recommended when tooth decay has become too extensive and a patient is not able to, or has chosen not to undergo a root canal procedure.

Periodontal disease can rob you of your natural teeth, whereas the loss of bone and connective gum tissues are no longer able to support the teeth. Uncontrolled gum disease and systemic health conditions that trigger rapid deterioration of the gums and bone will ultimately result in the need for an extraction.

Though your desire is to preserve your natural teeth throughout your lifetime, unfortunate circumstances may have led to tooth loss. Perhaps you have been recently diagnosed with one of these conditions and are contemplating your choices for tooth replacement. Dental implants will likely offer you the best chance at regaining your confidence and chewing ability while also preserving your appearance.

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