Training and Education Received By Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Training and Education Received By Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

As surgical specialists in the field of dentistry, you can be assured that your oral surgeon has completed a course of study that is amazingly similar to that of a medical physician.

Their education begins with a minimum of four years of undergraduate college coursework, followed by at least four years in dental school. With the completion of dental school, a dentist can opt to further his or her education in a hospital-based surgical residency program.

This level of advanced training requires an additional four or more years of rigorous study and hands-on experience. In fact, at this level, oral surgery residents are trained alongside medical residents.

Advanced study in oral surgery places an emphasis on the management and care of diseases that affect the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity, and the structures of the head, neck, jaw, and face. The treatment of oral cancer, cosmetic reconstructive surgery, dental implant placement, the treatment of traumatic injuries, and the diagnosis and surgical treatment of sleep apnea are an example of the conditions that can be addressed in the hands of an expertly trained oral surgeon.

In addition to the extensive training and education, and the broad scope of responsibility, an oral surgeon receives particular instruction in the field of anesthesiology. For your comfort, most surgical procedures can be safely completed under various levels of anesthesia. This training prepares surgeons to administer all levels of anesthesia as well as sedation. Anesthesiology education is complete and thorough in its coverage of emergency medicine and pharmacology.

According to your particular needs and your current health conditions, the appropriate level of anesthesia can be administered and your vital signs will be closely monitored in order to provide you with a satisfying level of comfort and safety during your surgical procedure.

At the completion of your dental surgeon’s undergraduate, graduate, and advanced-level training, you can be assured that your dental and surgical needs can be completed under the care of a true surgical professional.

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