Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

Like most injuries that affect the head, neck, and mouth, facial injuries are certainly alarming. They are sometimes indescribably painful, there is the potential for severe bleeding, and bandaging or concealing the injury is particularly difficult. Most of these injuries are the result of an unforeseen accident, but many of them can be prevented when you take a few simple safety precautions.

In the event that a facial injury occurs, despite your best efforts at prevention, you will find that the best emergency and long-term treatment will involve quite a bit of dentistry. This is due to the fact that your oral surgeon has received extensive and intensive training in the management of traumatic injuries of the face, head, neck, and mouth.

The specialized set of skills that your surgeon possesses includes pain management, emergency medical care, reconstructive surgery, and even cosmetic surgery. For the dental patient, it is encouraging to know that these skills are not limited to the outward appearance. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is experienced in the management of the blood supply and nerve pathways that are located in the area as well.

Understanding some of the common causes of facial injuries will help you to take the most appropriate precautionary steps for yourself and also your family:

  • Remember to buckle your seatbelt in the car at all times
  • Wear a protective mouthpiece, helmet, and any other corresponding safety equipment during sports and leisure activities
  • Avoid “rough-housing” or aggressive play both indoors and outside
  • Don’t ignore domestic abuse, a common source of facial trauma for both men and women
  • Pay close attention to slippery walking surfaces or dimly-lit areas where you are more likely to stumble or fall

It can be tough to predict a serious injury, but you can certainly reduce your risk for one. Should an incident occur, remember that you can consider dentistry as one of your top treatment solutions.

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